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v1.4 to 1.5

Updated prometheus metrics

The argocd_app_sync_status, argocd_app_health_status and argocd_app_created_time prometheus metrics are deprecated in favor of additional labels to argocd_app_info metric. The deprecated labels are still available can be re-enabled using ARGOCD_LEGACY_CONTROLLER_METRICS=true environment variable. The legacy example Grafana dashboard is available at examples/dashboard-legacy.json.

Redis HA Proxy


Manual intervention might be required to complete the upgrade.

High-availability (HA) Argo CD manifests now bundles Redis in HA Proxy in front of it. Following issue have been observed during the upgrade:

  • you might see intermittent login failures;
  • after upgrade is completed ha proxy might be unable to access redis server (see argo-cd#3547, DandyDeveloper/charts#26). As workaround "restart" argocd-redis-ha-haproxy Deployment and argocd-redis-ha-server StatefulSet.

Upgraded Kustomize Version

Note that bundled Kustomize has been upgraded to v3.6.1.

From here on you can follow the regular upgrade process.