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Ksonnet is defunct and no longer supported.


Ksonnet has a first class concept of an "environment." To create an application from a ksonnet app directory, an environment must be specified. For example, the following command creates the "guestbook-default" app, which points to the default environment:

argocd app create guestbook-default --repo --path guestbook --env default


Ksonnet parameters all belong to a component. For example, the following are the parameters available in the guestbook app, all of which belong to the guestbook-ui component:

$ ks param list
=========    =====         =====
guestbook-ui containerPort 80
guestbook-ui image         ""
guestbook-ui name          "guestbook-ui"
guestbook-ui replicas      1
guestbook-ui servicePort   80
guestbook-ui type          "LoadBalancer"

When overriding ksonnet parameters in Argo CD, the component name should also be specified in the argocd app set command, in the form of -p COMPONENT=PARAM=VALUE. For example:

argocd app set guestbook-default -p

Build Environment

We do not support the standard build environment for Ksonnet.