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Core Functionality Bug Fixes

The core GitOps features still have several known bugs and limitations. The full list is available in v1.7 milestone

The most notable issues:


  • 2000+ Applications support. The user interface becomes notably slower if one Argo CD instance manages more than 1 thousand applications. A set of optimizations is required to fix that issue.

  • 100+ Clusters support. The cluster addon management use-case requires connecting a large number of clusters to one Argo CD controller. Currently Argo CD controller is unable to handle that many clusters. The solution is to support horizontal controller scaling and automated sharding.

  • Mono Repository support. Argo CD is not optimized for mono repositories with a large number of applications. With 50+ applications in the same repository, manifest generation performance drops significantly. The repository server optimization is required to improve it.


Argo CD Applications allow splitting the cluster configuration into logic groups that are managed independently. However, the set of applications is a configuration that should be managed declaratively as well. The app-of-apps pattern solves this problem but still has some challenges such as maintenance overhead, security, and lack of some additional features.

ApplicationsSet project provides a better solution for managing applications across multiple environments.

Large Applications support

The application details page is not suitable to visualize applications that include a large number of resources (hundreds of resources). The page has to be reworked to improve user experience.


To make Argo CD successful we need to build tools that enable Argo CD administrators to handle scalability and performance issues in a self-service model.

That includes more metrics, out of the box alerts and a cluster management user interface.

GitOps Engine Enhancements

The GitOps Engine is a library that implements core GitOps functions such as K8S resource reconciliation and diffing. A lot of Argo CD features are still not available in GitOps engine. The following features have to be contributed to the GitOps Engine:

GitOps Agent

GitOps Agent is a continuation of GitOps engine work. The GitOps Agent leverages the GitOps Engine and provides access to many engine features via a simple CLI interface.

Config Management Tools Integrations

The community likes the first class support of Helm, Kustomize and keeps requesting support for more tools. Argo CD provides a mechanism to integrate with any config management tool. We need to investigate why it is not enough and implement missing features.

Resource Actions Revamp

Resource actions is very powerful but literally hidden feature. Documentation is missing and therefore adoption is poor. We need to document and promote it, and then iterate and work on enhancements: - hard to configure unless you are Argo CD ninja; - half done parameters support: we have backend but no UI/CLI for it; - configuration issue: it is impossible to share actions as a YAML file since ALL resource customizations are stored in one config map key;

Argo CD Notifications

Argo CD Notifications provides the ability to notify users about Argo CD Application changes as well as implement integrations such as update Github commit status, trigger Jenkins job, set Grafana label, etc.

Automated Registry Monitoring

Argo CD Image Updater provides an ability to monitor Docker registries and automatically update image versions in the deployment repository.

Application Details Page Usability

Application details page has accumulated multiple usability and feature requests such as Node view, Logs (1, 2), Network view (1, 2) etc.

Cluster Management User Interface

Argo CD has information about whole clusters, not just applications in it. We need to provide a user interface for cluster administrators that visualize cluster level resources.

Projects Enhancements

Argo CD projects accumulated a lot of debt: - Users don't know how to use project roles and SSO. It is one of the key features but not documented well. We need to document and promote it. - Project management UI has evolved organically and needs a complete redesign. We packaged everything into one sliding panel which is painful to use. - Enhancements: #2718, #3598