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Core Concepts

Let's assume you're familiar with core Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery, and GitOps concepts.

  • Application A group of Kubernetes resources as defined by a manifest. This is a Custom Resource Definition (CRD).
  • Application source type Which Tool is used to build the application.
  • Target state The desired state of an application, as represented by files in a Git repository.
  • Live state The live state of that application. What pods etc are deployed.
  • Sync status Whether or not the live state matches the target state. Is the deployed application the same as Git says it should be?
  • Sync The process of making an application move to its target state. E.g. by applying changes to a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Sync operation status Whether or not a sync succeeded.
  • Refresh Compare the latest code in Git with the live state. Figure out what is different.
  • Health The health of the application, is it running correctly? Can it serve requests?
  • Tool A tool to create manifests from a directory of files. E.g. Kustomize or Ksonnet. See Application Source Type.
  • Configuration management tool See Tool.
  • Configuration management plugin A custom tool.