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The notifications support is not bundled into the Argo CD itself. Instead of reinventing the wheel and implementing opinionated notifications system Argo CD leverages integrations with the third-party notification system. Following integrations are recommended:

  • To monitor Argo CD performance or health state of managed applications use Prometheus Metrics in combination with Grafana, Alertmanager.
  • To notify the end-users of Argo CD about events like application upgrades, user errors in application definition, etc use one of the following projects:
    • ArgoCD Notifications - Argo CD specific notification system that continuously monitors Argo CD applications and aims to integrate with various notification services such as Slack, SMTP, Telegram, Discord, etc.
    • Argo Kube Notifier - generic Kubernetes resource controller that allows monitoring any Kubernetes resource and sends a notification when the configured rule is met.
    • Kube Watch - a Kubernetes watcher that could publishes notification to Slack/hipchat/mattermost/flock channels. It watches the cluster for resource changes and notifies them through webhooks.