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v2.0 to 2.1

Upgraded Kustomize Version

Note that bundled Kustomize has been upgraded to v4.2.0. Some of the flags are changed in Kustomize V4. For example flag name load_restrictor is changed in Kustomize v4+. It is changed from --load_restrictor=none to --load-restrictor LoadRestrictionsNone.

Replacing --app-resync flag with timeout.reconciliation setting

The--app-resync flag allows controlling how frequently Argo CD application controller checks resolve the target application revision of each application. In order to allow caching resolved revision per repository as opposed to per application, the --app-resync flag has been deprecated. Please use timeout.reconciliation setting in argocd-cm ConfigMap instead. The value of timeout.reconciliation is a duration string e.g 60s, 1m, 1h or 1d. See example in argocd-cm.yaml.

From here on you can follow the regular upgrade process.

Replacing repositories and repository.credentials with Secrets

The configuration of repositories and repository credential templates via the argocd-cm has been deprecated. Repositories and repository credentials are now discovered via Secrets that are labeled with or respectively. See the examples in argocd-repositories.yaml and argocd-repo-creds.yaml.

The argocd-util CLI commands merged into argocd admin

The argocd-util CLI commands are available under argocd admin and the argocd-util binary is no longer available.

Replace runtime system user while BYOI

Runtime system user should to be changed from argocd to 999, as shown below.

FROM argoproj/argocd:latest

# Switch to root for the ability to perform install
USER root

# Something custom here
RUN apt-get update

# Switch back to non-root user

# deprecated: USER argocd
USER 999