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Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be used with argocd CLI:

Environment Variable Description
ARGOCD_SERVER the address of the Argo CD server without https:// prefix
(instead of specifying --server for every command)
eg. if served through an ingress with DNS
ARGOCD_AUTH_TOKEN the Argo CD apiKey for your Argo CD user to be able to authenticate
ARGOCD_OPTS command-line options to pass to argocd CLI
eg. ARGOCD_OPTS="--grpc-web"
ARGOCD_SERVER_NAME the Argo CD API Server name (default "argocd-server")
ARGOCD_REPO_SERVER_NAME the Argo CD Repository Server name (default "argocd-repo-server")
ARGOCD_APPLICATION_CONTROLLER_NAME the Argo CD Application Controller name (default "argocd-application-controller")
ARGOCD_REDIS_NAME the Argo CD Redis name (default "argocd-redis")
ARGOCD_REDIS_HAPROXY_NAME the Argo CD Redis HA Proxy name (default "argocd-redis-ha-haproxy")
ARGOCD_GRPC_KEEP_ALIVE_MIN defines the GRPCKeepAliveEnforcementMinimum, used in the grpc.KeepaliveEnforcementPolicy. Expects a "Duration" format (default 10s).