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Argo CD allows integrating more config management tools using config management plugins. Following changes are required to configure new plugin:

  • Make sure required binaries are available in argocd-repo-server pod. The binaries can be added via volume mounts or using custom image (see custom_tools).
  • Register a new plugin in argocd-cm ConfigMap:
  configManagementPlugins: |
    - name: pluginName
      init:                          # Optional command to initialize application source directory
        command: ["sample command"]
        args: ["sample args"]
      generate:                      # Command to generate manifests YAML
        command: ["sample command"]
        args: ["sample args"]
      lockRepo: true                 # Defaults to false. See below.

The generate command must print a valid YAML stream to stdout. Both init and generate commands are executed inside the application source directory.

  • Create an application and specify required config management plugin name.
argocd app create <appName> --config-management-plugin <pluginName>

More config management plugin examples are available in argocd-example-apps.

Repository locking

If your plugin makes use of git (e.g. git crypt), it is advised to set lockRepo to true so that your plugin will have exclusive access to the repository at the time it is executed. Otherwise, two applications synced at the same time may result in a race condition and sync failure.


Commands have access to

  1. The system environment variables
  2. Standard build environment
  3. Variables in the application spec (References to system and build variables will get interpolated in the variables' values):


        - name: FOO
          value: bar
        - name: REV
          value: test-$ARGOCD_APP_REVISION