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API Docs

You can find the Swagger docs by setting the path to /swagger-ui in your Argo CD UI. E.g. http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.


You'll need to authorize your API using a bearer token. To get a token:

$ curl $ARGOCD_SERVER/api/v1/session -d $'{"username":"admin","password":"password"}'

Then pass using the HTTP Authorization header, prefixing with Bearer:

$ curl $ARGOCD_SERVER/api/v1/applications -H "Authorization: Bearer $ARGOCD_TOKEN" 


Applications API

How to Avoid 403 Errors for Missing Applications

All endpoints of the Applications API accept an optional project query string parameter. If the parameter is specified, and the specified Application does not exist, the API will return a 404 error.

Additionally, if the project query string parameter is specified and the Application exists but is not in the given project, the API will return a 403 error. This is to prevent leaking information about the existence of Applications to users who do not have access to them.