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E2E Tests

The directory contains E2E tests and test applications. The test assume that Argo CD services are installed into argocd-e2e namespace or cluster in current context. One throw-away namespace argocd-e2e*** is created prior to tests execute. The throw-away namespace is used as a target namespace for test applications.

The test/e2e/testdata directory contains various Argo CD applications. Before test execution directory is copies into /tmp/argocd-e2e*** temp directory and used in tests as a Git repository via file url: file:///tmp/argocd-e2e***.

Running Tests Locally

  1. Start the e2e version make start-e2e
  2. Run the tests: make test-e2e

You can observe the tests by using the UI http://localhost:8080/applications with username "admin" and password "password".

Configuration of E2E Tests execution

The Makefile's start-e2e target starts instances of ArgoCD on your local machine, of which the most will require a network listener. If for whatever reason you already have network services on your machine listening on the same ports, the e2e tests will not be able to run. You can derive from the defaults by setting the following environment variables before you run make start-e2e:

  • ARGOCD_E2E_APISERVER_PORT: Listener port for argocd-server (default: 8080)
  • ARGOCD_E2E_REPOSERVER_PORT: Listener port for argocd-reposerver (default: 8081)
  • ARGOCD_E2E_DEX_PORT: Listener port for dex (default: 5556)
  • ARGOCD_E2E_REDIS_PORT: Listener port for redis (default: 6379)
  • ARGOCD_E2E_YARN_CMD: Command to use for starting the UI via Yarn (default: yarn)

If you have changed the port for argocd-server, be sure to also set ARGOCD_SERVER environment variable to point to that port, e.g. export ARGOCD_SERVER=localhost:8888 before running make test-e2e so that the test will communicate to the correct server component.

Test Isolation

Some effort has been made to balance test isolation with speed. Tests are isolated as follows as each test gets:

  • A random 5 character ID.
  • A unique Git repository containing the testdata in /tmp/argocd-e2e/${id}.
  • A namespace argocd-e2e-ns-${id}.
  • A primary name for the app argocd-e2e-${id}.


Tests fails to delete argocd-e2e-ns-* namespaces.

This maybe due to the metrics server, run this:

kubectl api-resources

If it exits with status code 1, run:

kubectl delete apiservice

Remove /spec/finalizers from the namespace

kubectl edit ns argocd-e2e-ns-*