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Time related functions.

time.Now() Time

Executes function built-in Golang time.Now function. Returns an instance of Golang Time.

time.Parse(val string) Time

Parses specified string using RFC3339 layout. Returns an instance of Golang Time.


String related functions.

strings.ReplaceAll() string

Executes function built-in Golang strings.ReplaceAll function.

strings.ToUpper() string

Executes function built-in Golang strings.ToUpper function.

strings.ToLower() string

Executes function built-in Golang strings.ToLower function.


sync.GetInfoItem(app map, name string) string Returns the info item value by given name stored in the Argo CD App sync operation.


Functions that provide additional information about Application source repository.

repo.RepoURLToHTTPS(url string) string

Transforms given GIT URL into HTTPs format.

repo.FullNameByRepoURL(url string) string

Returns repository URL full name (<owner>/<repoName>). Currently supports only Github, GitLab and Bitbucket.

repo.QueryEscape(s string) string

QueryEscape escapes the string, so it can be safely placed inside a URL


/projects/{{ call .repo.QueryEscape (call .repo.FullNameByRepoURL .app.status.RepoURL) }}/merge_requests

repo.GetCommitMetadata(sha string) CommitMetadata

Returns commit metadata. The commit must belong to the application source repository. CommitMetadata fields:

  • Message string commit message
  • Author string - commit author
  • Date time.Time - commit creation date
  • Tags []string - Associated tags

repo.GetAppDetails() AppDetail

Returns application details. AppDetail fields:

  • Type string - AppDetail type
  • Helm HelmAppSpec - Helm details
  • Fields :
    • Name string
    • ValueFiles []string
    • Parameters []*v1alpha1.HelmParameter
    • Values string
    • FileParameters []*v1alpha1.HelmFileParameter
  • Methods :
    • GetParameterValueByName(Name string) Retrieve value by name in Parameters field
    • GetFileParameterPathByName(Name string) Retrieve path by name in FileParameters field *
  • Kustomize *apiclient.KustomizeAppSpec - Kustomize details
  • Directory *apiclient.DirectoryAppSpec - Directory details