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Skip Application Reconcile

Alpha Feature

This is an experimental, alpha-quality feature. The primary use case is to provide integration with third party projects. This feature may be removed in future releases or modified in backwards-incompatible ways.

Argo CD allows users to stop an Application from reconciling. The skip reconcile option is configured with the "true" annotation. When the Application is configured to skip reconcile, all processing is stopped for the Application. During the period of time when the Application is not processing, the Application status field will not be updated. If an Application is newly created with the skip reconcile annotation, then the Application status field will not be present. To resume the reconciliation or processing of the Application, remove the annotation or set the value to "false".

See the below example for enabling an Application to skip reconcile:

  annotations: "true"

See the below example for an Application that is newly created with the skip reconcile enabled:

kind: Application
  annotations: "true"
  name: guestbook
  namespace: argocd
    namespace: guestbook
    server: https://kubernetes.default.svc
  project: default
    path: guestbook
    targetRevision: HEAD

The status field is not present.

Primary Use Case

The skip reconcile option is intended to be used with third party projects that wishes to make updates to the Application status without having the changes being overwritten by the Application controller. An example of this usage is the Open Cluster Management (OCM) project using pull-integration controller. In the example, the hub cluster Application is not meant to be reconciled by the Argo CD Application controller. Instead, the OCM pull-integration controller will populate the primary/hub cluster Application status using the collected Application status from the remote/spoke/managed cluster.

Alternative Use Cases

There are other alternative use cases for this skip reconcile option. It's important to note that this is an experimental, alpha-quality feature and the following use cases are generally not recommended.

  • Ease of debugging when the Application reconcile is skipped.
  • Orphan resources without deleting the Application might provide a safer way to migrate applications.
  • ApplicationSet can generate dry-run like Applications that don't reconcile automatically.
  • Pause and resume Applications reconcile during a disaster recovery process.
  • Provide another alternative approval flow by not allowing an Application to start reconciling right away.