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v2.5 to 2.6

ApplicationSets: ^ behavior change in Sprig's semver functions

Argo CD 2.5 introduced Go templating in ApplicationSets. Go templates have access to the Sprig function library.

Argo CD 2.6 upgrades Sprig to v3. That upgrade includes an upgrade of Masterminds/semver to v3.

Masterminds/semver v3 changed the behavior of the ^ prefix in semantic version constraints. If you are using Go-templated ApplicationSets which include references to Sprig's semver functions and use the ^ prefix, read the Masterminds/semver changelog to understand how your ApplicationSets' behavior may change.

Applications with suspended jobs now marked "Suspended" instead of "Progressing"

Prior to Argo CD v2.6, an Application managing a suspended Job would be marked as "Progressing". This was confusing/unexpected behavior for many. Starting with v2.6, Argo CD will mark such Applications as "Suspended".

If you have processes which rely on the previous behavior (for example, a CI job with an argocd app wait call), update those before upgrading to v2.6.

The API Server now requires tokens to include the aud claim by default

Argo CD v2.6 now requires that the aud claim be present in the token used to authenticate to the API Server. This is a security improvement, as it prevents tokens from being used against the API Server which were not intended for it.

If you rely on an OIDC provider which does not provide a aud claim, you can disable this requirement by setting the skipAudienceCheckWhenTokenHasNoAudience flag to true in your Argo CD OIDC configuration. (See the OIDC configuration documentation for an example.)

Removal of argocd-cm plugin support delayed until 2.7

Support for argocd-cm plugins was previously scheduled for 2.6. At the time, sidecar plugins could not be specified by name. Argo CD v2.6 introduces support for specifying sidecar plugins by name.

Removal of argocd-cm plugin support has been delayed until 2.7 to provide a transition time for users who need to specify plugins by name.