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Identity Center (AWS SSO)

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A working Single Sign-On configuration using Identity Center (AWS SSO) has been achieved using the following method:

SAML (with Dex)

  1. Create a new SAML application in Identity Center and download the certificate.
    • Identity Center SAML App 1
    • Identity Center SAML App 2
  2. Click Assign Users after creating the application in Identity Center, and select the users or user groups you wish to grant access to this application.
    • Identity Center SAML App 3
  3. Copy the Argo CD URL into the data.url field in the argocd-cm ConfigMap.

  4. Configure Attribute mappings.

    Group attribute mapping is not officially!

    Group attribute mapping is not officially supported in the AWS docs, however the workaround is currently working.

    • Identity Center SAML App 4
    • Identity Center SAML App 5
  1. Download the CA certificate to use in the argocd-cm configuration.
    • If using the caData field, you'll need to base64-encode the entire certificate, including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- stanzas (e.g., base64 my_cert.pem).
    • If using the ca field and storing the CA certificate separately as a secret, you will need to mount the secret onto the dex container in the argocd-dex-server Deployment.
    • Identity Center SAML App 6
  2. Edit the argocd-cm and configure the data.dex.config section:
dex.config: |
    level: debug
    format: json
  - type: saml
    id: aws
    name: "AWS IAM Identity Center"
      # You need value of Identity Center APP SAML (IAM Identity Center sign-in URL)
      # You need `caData` _OR_ `ca`, but not both.
      caData: <CA cert (IAM Identity Center Certificate of Identity Center APP SAML) passed through base64 encoding>
      # Path to mount the secret to the dex container
      usernameAttr: email
      emailAttr: email
      groupsAttr: groups

Connect Identity Center Groups to Argo CD Roles

Argo CD recognizes user memberships in Identity Center groups that match the Group Attribute Statements regex.

In the example above, the regex argocd-* is used, making Argo CD aware of a group named argocd-admins.

Modify the argocd-rbac-cm ConfigMap to connect the ArgoCD-administrators Identity Center group to the builtin Argo CD admin role.

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: argocd-rbac-cm
  policy.csv: |
    g, <Identity Center Group ID>, role:admin
  scopes: '[groups, email]'